Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are you missing the boat?

If you don't ship internationally are you missing out on a great opportunity? The answer is yes. The last numbers that I heard is that eBay is making more money overseas than domestic. The numbers are pretty staggering if you look at the Growth internationally. If you aren’t shipping to China, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Korea, UK, Europe, India and Australia you are missing out. You are probably thinking that it’s a hassle that isn’t worth your time and trouble. If you own a scale you can print your postage online at USPS and schedule to have USPS pick the package up at your house. They have taken the hassle out of shipping worldwide. If you want to grow your sales, you better think twice about just shipping domestic.


The Blogmaster said...

You could loose out on a lot of bids if you only ship domestic.


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Anonymous said...

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Mark Farrell said...

You may loose a lot of offers, unless the ship home.

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